Are you trying to land a job as a web developer? Or level up your coding skills to rapidly advance your career?

After working for years at both elite Silicon Valley corporations and disruptive startups as a web developer, I realized there’s a fundamental flaw in the talent pipeline.

Something that makes it difficult to get your foot in the door, but that you can take advantage of to put yourself far above other candidates when interviewing and securing those first crucial promotions.

What is it?

There is no clear, definable curriculum that describes what you need to know to be an exceptional web developer.

I see this problem all the time in people trying to get into web development.

You may have taken an online course on Javascript, or a web design class in college. Or maybe you’re trying to learn React from YouTube videos and Medium articles. Things start off well. You’re excited about switching careers or building that app you’ve always dreamed of.

Then reality sets in. You get overwhelmed with the volume of, often conflicting, information that’s out there. You’re unsure if what you’re learning will get you a job. What does a web development interview even look like?

Maybe you try building a website like the tutorial, but you don’t know how to deploy it to a real domain. Or something breaks and you get stuck debugging it.

Or you even get an intervew for a web developer role and they ask you about an algorithm you’ve never heard of, so they tell you that you need more experience before they can consider hiring you.

You have no idea what to learn next or if it’ll even be enough to get you hired. When will I know enough, and how will I know when I’m there?

This is the fundamental flaw. But I want to help.

Private, one-on-one coaching

By signing up for my private, one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll have consistent access to an experienced web developer, just like I did, to help guide you as you navigate your way through the world of software development. No more confusion, no more wondering what you need to know or how to learn it.

During our first meeting, I’ll assess exactly where you are as a programmer and help you identify any gaps in knowledge you may have. All absolutely free for the first session and at no risk to you.

Over the following few sessions, I will:

  • Help you fill in any gaps in knowledge that may exist in the shortest time possible
  • Create a personally tailored roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Teach you new programming concepts and explain them in a way that is easy to digest
  • Coach you on writing code, both during live sessions together and in offline code review where I can dissect your code line by line and give you concrete feedback

With me as your coach, we’ll learn the basics like HTML and CSS. We’ll learn how to write modern Javascript that employers are willing to pay an average of $115,000 a year for, as well as common tools like React, Redux, and Node.

We’ll learn system design and architecture, letting you apply for one of the 10,000 open software engineering roles in the United States. Many of them are remote, meaning you get the freedom to live and work from wherever you want.

We’ll cover data structures and algorithms as well as general interviewing skills, giving you a huge advantage over other self-taught programmers who may have not had a traditional computer science education.

If you’re still unsure, let Brenden, one of my first clients, tell you more about what I can do for you.

Space is limited.

In addition to coaching, I continue to work as a full-time software engineer in Silicon Valley. As a result, I only have space for the few clients a week that I can see outside of my regular work to maintain the quality of my coaching.

If you’re seeing this, it means I recently had a slot open up. In my experience, it will get filled very quickly.

What are you waiting for?